Urban Rectangle

Clean, architectural lines make this a timeless design. It’s ideal for harsh commercial applications where style, performance and low maintenance are required. Perfect for Main Street, Cityscapes, a border for outdoor dining areas, hotels, rooftop gardens, college/university campuses and many others. Key features include the ability to stack and a raised bottom allowing for easy forklift mobility. And, as with all EarthPlanters, you can expect to save 50-80% in labor and other costs connected to normal planter maintenance. It’s the fastest return on investment in the industry, guaranteed.


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Planting Tray Depth

Water Capacity

Average Watering/Refill Frequency



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Pro Mix BX or equivalent soil-less mixture required


Sell Sheet: Urban Rectangle

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Soil Recommendation:
We recommend PRO-MIX BX BIOFUNGICIDE + MYCORRHIZAE. For more information on Pro-Mix and to Find a Distributor Near You: 


Other plant and soil recommendations for EarthPlanter customers.

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