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Planters add incredible beauty and life to any commercial landscape project, they also require a significant investment of your time and budgets. And since they can last a decade or more, getting it right the first time is essential. That’s why at EarthPlanter you’ll always deal directly with company ownership who will guide you through every detail. From initial budget projections to selecting the right model, color, soil and plants to make your downtown, campus, retail mall, office park or other facility look its best. It’s a commitment to our customers that ensures ordering, delivery and installation exceed your expectations. Because we know becoming the # 1 selling and recommended commercial self-watering planter took a lot of hard work, staying there is even harder.


Superior design and the highest manufacturing standards ensures you’re getting the finest self-watering commercial planter on the market. And they arrive ready to use. No separate parts and no wicks or wicking material to install…just fill, plant & install.

Return on Investment

With thousands of installations across the US and Canada (and recommended by over 100 Professional Grounds Managers), only EarthPlanter commercial planters have stood the test of time — producing superior plant growth while reducing labor costs, fuel & water usage 50-80%.

Peace of Mind

EarthPlanter® offers an industry leading warranty and an unmatched 60 day satisfaction guarantee. We ensure your investment is protected for years to come.

Key Product Highlights

Large Water Reservoir

Adds weight and delivers excellent stability while allowing you to go weeks between watering cycles

Rapidwick System™

Eliminates the need for top watering & automatically adjusts water flow gates based on soil conditions, removing the guesswork associated with under and over-watering your plants

Built-In Overflow Assembly

Eliminates unsightly overflow holes drilled into your planter while providing superior protection from over-filling

Planting Tray Design

Promotes excellent water retention, aeration and drainage to achieve amazing results

Easy Access Top & Bottom Plugs

Saves you time and money when filling or draining are required

Rotational Molding

Produces the toughest, most natural looking plastic planters on earth, they will not crack, chip or fade

EarthPlanter in Action

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