Pro-Series Self Watering Hanging Basket

    The Pro-Series Self Watering Hanging Basket has been designed to be the easiest and most effective hanging basket for cities, main streets, plazas, campuses, or any landscape project where you want to add dramatic color and vibrancy. Three plus years in development, and tested at dozens of customer locations, you can have confidence that you will grow larger, more beautiful plants, while reducing labor, fuel & water usage up to 80%!


    Key Features Include:
    • Thermoformed Construction – ensures years of outstanding performance in the toughest commercial environments
    • Proven & Trusted EarthPlanter Wicking System – delivers superior bottom feeding while regulating water delivery based on soil conditions
    • Side Fill Port – provides easy access and allows workers to hook into the port with most commercial sprayer heads
    • 4 Gallon Water Reservoir –  reduces watering cycles to once every 5-7 Days
    • Commercial-Grade Chains & Hardware – delivers the industry’s most secure installation


    How much could you save?
    Know your numbers? Find your real savings! Plug in your organizations estimates in the boxes below.
    • Assuming the time to water a typical hanging basket is 5 minutes and EarthPlanter will cut your total watering cycle in half.
    • * The estimated time per basket includes transportation time to each basket, setup & breakdown & watering. ** 23 Weeks if assuming May 1 - Sept 30 *** Total season labor savings based on a minimum 50% reduction in labor costs after installing Pro-Series Self-Watering Baskets

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