Commercial Planters Downtown Santa Monica

commercial planter santa monica

Anyone who has been to Downtown Santa Monica knows first hand that it is a premiere shopping and dinning destination with a fantastic atmosphere. We’re proud that Downtown Santa Monica chose our EarthPlanter commercial self-watering planters to enhance their beautiful Third Street Promenade. 

Here are our Urban Rectangles in Millstone  two weeks after installation. We’re looking forward to seeing their growth over the next 4 – 6 weeks. This commercial planter model is a perfect for Santa Monica’s iconic downtown because of their modern, sleek design, and, as with all EarthPlanters, it’s industry leading, self-watering design. The Urban Rectangle can hold 23 gallons of water it’s reservoir, making it perfect for a downtown like Santa Monica, with lower than average rainfall, and a sunny, warm climate. The Urban Rectangle will only need to be refilled every 2 -3 weeks, which, as well all EarthPlanter models, will save Santa Monica approximately 50-80% in labor and other costs. 

Urban Rectangle

Urban Rectangle

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