Silver Lake College

Urban Vase 41 EarthPlanter commercial planters

Here at the college, labor is a major consideration. With the earth planters we were able to reduce labor hours spent on watering to less than 8 hours per month. The pots only required additional filling about once per month as opposed to every other day during previous summers. We have over 20 of the larger size on campus.

As you can see, they are a wonderful addition to the campus. Many positive comments from visitors, staff and students.

We did have an issue with a few of the drain plugs. When I contacted Bob about the plugs he wasted no time in rectifying the situation. EarthPlanter is one of the best companies we have ever worked with and Bob is absolutely the best!

We highly and sincerely recommend EarthPlanter and their products. Excellent.

–Tom Voorheis, Director of Facility Ops

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