Auburn University (AL): New Mediterranean Globes in Action!

5 EarthPlanter Mediterranean Globes encircle a statue of Charles Barkley at Auburn University

Check out Auburn University’s most recent install, highlighting the new Mediterranean Globes! Joining the EarthPlanter
Family back in 2014, Auburn University now has over 200(!!) EarthPlanters installed throughout their beautiful campus, reducing their labor costs and water waste by as much as 80%. 

Hear from Britt Foster at Auburn University on her experience with EarthPlanters over the years:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience using EarthPlanters. I like the new styles they come out with & they have saved quite a bit of time spent on watering/upkeep compared to a traditional pot. The team at EarthPlanter are also great to work with!”    Britt Foster, Auburn University Facilities Management, Greenhouse Coordinator

The Globes serve as a multipurpose design. It’s beautiful by itself, surrounding Auburn Tiger/NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley’s statue, and as a great barrier, directing incoming fan traffic before sporting events! 

EarthPlanter Mediterranean Globe next to a statue of Charles Barkley at Auburn University
Closeup of an EarthPlanter Mediterranean Globe by the entrance of Neville Stadium at Auburn University

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