End of Season Prep

Colder weather is going to be here before we know it, as we look towards the end of the season we wanted to share a few basic tips for preparing your EarthPlanters for the Fall and Winter seasons;

1. DRAIN – If you live in a cold climate, your planters should be completely drained. Simply unscrew the lower bolt at the base of your planter. Bolt should be stored and reinstalled in the Spring.

2. REMOVE – all plants, roots and soil (removing soil is optional).

3. INSPECT – Upon emptying your containers you will notice the wick is embedded with dirt and roots. This is completely normal and over the next several weeks the wick, soil, and any remaining roots will dry out.

4. STORING (optional) – Planters should be stored inside or under protective covering if possible. If kept outside the planters should be stored with the drain plug removed and/or upside down to prevent water from entering the reservoir and freezing during winter weather.

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