promix bx

It is important to use only a soil-less growing medium with EarthPlanter. We recommend Pro-Mix BX above all other brands. Regular dirt, soils containing bark or compost-based mediums cannot be used as they interfere with the proper operation of the planter. Also, it is extremely important that you wet down the soil as it’s being added to the planter. This primes the wick and provides immediate self-watering benefits. 


Can’t find Pro-Mix BX in your area? Here are some other options:

Sun Gro’s Sunshine® Mix #8 / Fafard®-2

or Berger bm1 nutrient holding.

How often should you replace the soil in your EarthPlanter?

ProMix is a remarkably durable mix and while there’s no official statement on how long it lasts, we would say 3 years to be safe. During this 3 year period, the root systems should be cleaned out at the end of the season. In spring, top with fresh ProMix, fertilizer and you’re good to go. At some point, as with any container, it’s a good idea to get them cleaned out, with new soil, etc…as years of plant growth is pretty tough on the soil, wick, etc.