Answers to common questions about end of season planter preparation.

Q: Do I need to drain the water from my EarthPlanters?
A: Yes. If you live in an area where the temperatures reach freezing the planters must be drained. This will protect all internal parts so they remain in excellent working condition for many years to come. The drain plug is located at the base of each model.

Q: Can we keep the planters outdoors during the winter?
A: Yes, simply remove the drain plug until next season. This will allow water to pass through the system without being stored in the reservoir. REMEMBER to store your plugs in a safe location and to re-install them in the Spring.

Q: Can we continue growing fall plants after the water is drained?
A: Yes, once drained (and with the plug removed) you can top water your plants as you would with a traditional planter.

Q: Do I need to remove the soil before storing my EarthPlanters?
A: It is recommended. This will allow you to clean out the container and wick so all components remain in excellent condition. However, many customers keep the soil in the planters year-round. If you decide to do this it’s important to remove all plants and root systems. Once complete you can top off with fresh soil (now or in the spring).

Q: Can the soil be removed from the planters and reused for next season?
A: Yes, Pro Mix is a very durable planting medium and can be used for several seasons. You will want to ensure all root systems are removed prior to storage. In the spring you can combine this with some fresh Pro Mix and fertilizer before reinstalling into your EarthPlanters.

Q: Can the planters be stored outside?
A: Yes. While storing indoors or under some form of cover is recommended, the planters (if drained) can be stored outside. If you store the planters outdoors they should be kept upside down and/or with the drain plug removed to prevent water from collecting in the reservoir.

Q: Should I remove the wick?
A: Under normal conditions there is no need to remove the wick. However, with aggressive root systems it’s normal for the roots to grow down and through the wick. If you suspect this the wick can be removed. Simply remove the screws and pull the wick directly up. You can now inspect and remove any roots from the wick and reservoir. Once done reinsert the wick and secure with screws.

Q: Can my EarthPlanters be stacked inside one another for storage?
A: All EarthPlanters can be stacked pyramid style (not inside each other). This is the most effective way to store them. The following models can be stacked inside each other, maximum height of three planters per stack; EPMV-41 Large Urban Vase, EPMV-31 Standard Urban Vase (2016-2017 MODELS ONLY), EPUR-40 Urban Rectangle. EPMV-31 Urban Vase purchased prior to 2016 CANNOT be stacked inside each other or side wall damage will occur.

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